You can help save the lives of sudden cardiac arrest victims.

The Minnesota Resuscitation Consortium, a member of the HeartRescue Project, along with partners throughout Minnesota working to improve outcomes from Sudden Cardiac Arrest are providing a free online Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Registry to support AED owners to properly maintain their AEDs. This Minnesota AED Registry will notify AED owners with management and maintenance reminders for their registered AEDs.

AED acquisitions for workplaces, schools, places of worship, and public facilities are a wise investment. Many national and local groups, as well as AED manufacturers stress the importance of not only placing the devices in public access settings, but ensuring their readiness and location awareness in an emergency situation.

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Joining is free, and organizations registering AEDs in the Minnesota AED Registry receive the following free benefits:
AED inspection email reminders
AED battery date expiration email reminders
AED electrode date expiration email reminders

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While the Minnesota Good Samaritan Law (604A.01) provides immunity for Good Samaritans using an AED, this immunity can be jeopardized by not properly maintaining the device. Proper maintenance includes changing electrode pads and batteries prior to their expiration dates.

The Minnesota AED Registry is a source for regular email reminders to periodically check the device to ensure it is in working order. You will also be reminded to replace soon-to-expire electrode pads and batteries.